My blog is up and running again…….

After a long time of radio silence and even a broken blog, it’s back online! Reason for the broken blog is some issues with using a MySql database on Azure. Somehow my database got deleted and the company hosting it wasn’t able to restore it.

Reason for me to stay away from the mysql database on Azure and moving back to a self managed server I was already using for other purposes.

I have recreated this blog to come back to blogging business, the last years my focus has moved from to Windows Apps to right now Xamarin apps. Everything Mobile and Cloud are what have my interest the most.

On these topics there are so many different topics that the only focus is mobile, but is split into so many subjects.

Currently I’m working / thinking / playing with these topics:

  • Mobile development and continues integration
  • Mobile security
  • TestCloud
  • Mobile performance optimisation
  •  Bot’s
  • Re-certification on Xamarin

Hopefully I find the time to write some blogposts in the next months on any of these topics!



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