Upgrading your MVC 3 project to the MVC 4 beta

Last week the MVC 4 beta is released with support for a “go-live” license. Which means that it’s in a state where we can build and deploy our applications with this beta.

So I decided to take my ‘old’ MVC 3 project and upgrade it to the MVC 4 beta. First I installed the MVC 4 Beta on my developer machine. (You can download it here) (Please make sure that you have the correct .Net framework version on your machine. During installation your environment will be checked for .Net 4.0 framework and that you don’t have the .Net Framework 4.5 installed)

After the installation I took the steps to upgrade from MVC 3 to MVC 4 Beta which are described in the release notes. You can find these steps  here.

So far so good……

When I tried to run my project, I get exceptions that it’s expecting version for the System.Web.* dll’s. I did a clean solution and a  rebuild. No luck!

Than I remembered that I used the “Add deployable dependencies” feature in Visual Studio to make sure that the correct dll’s are copied when I publish my solution to my hosting provider. (I used this feature because my hosting provider didn’t has MVC 3 installed when I published my website.)

I removed all files from the “_bin_deployableAssemblies” folder in my solution. Than right clicked my webproject, clicked “Add Deployable Dependencies” and re-added the assemblies.


After re-adding the assemblies I rebuild my solution and started it. Now the errors are gone!

Hope this helps someone having also issues upgrading to MVC 4.

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